Nature Visions


Nature Visions explores the alternatives to contemporary perception. When human vision loses importance and is replaced by filtering, decoding, zippering, and pattern recognition, nature vision becomes the utopian perspective to reality.

Our sense of the real world has changed dramatically in recent years, prompted by our exposure to new technology, computer vision, and artificial intelligence. Seeing is just a tiny part of a large data spectrum that has become obsolete. The only possible way to understand the whole picture is to subtract any subjectivity on seeing – using machine assistance to translate information and signals that human senses cannot perceive.

Machines emit and translate data that only other machines can decode and translate to our capacity. As a product of our desire, we not only designed machines to extract and see what our eyes and senses cannot perceive, but we’ve established a common ground in which we trust these calculations as the most pure, objective, and universal ones.

Daniela Stubbs Leví and Gustavo Murillo Fernández-Valdés translate distinct perceptions to the visual field by warping, accelerating, slowing down or duplicating temporal perception, allowing other subjectivities to emerge. Murillo Fernández-Valdés explores Computer Vision with the intention of understanding high dimensional data from the real world, translating reality into numerical and symbolic information that can take different forms. Stubbs Leví’s work stems from a research into non-human subjectivities, bringing the question of ¨reality¨ to a different stage of semi-invisibility. Stubbs uses analogue double exposures and mirrored compositions, to break down perspective and collapse any linear progression of temporality.

Curated by Noelia Lecue