Noelia Lecue Francia (Santander, Spain) is an artist and curator. She is currently a 2016 Fulbright Scholar. Her academic and professional background includes official degrees from University of the Basque Country, Sheffield Hallam University, and Complutense University of Madrid. In 2014 she completed her Masters of Research on Arts and Creation, focusing on museums, galleries, and contemporary art. Soon after she taught painting and restoration at the Santander City Council to more than 200 students. Since 2015 she has worked as a cultural manager for a non-profit in Manhattan, La Nacional— The Spanish Benevolent Society, defining and helping with their cultural events and art exhibitions. As an artist, Lecue has been awarded national and international prizes. Her work has been shown in Spain, England, France, Italy, Mexico, Colombia, India, and the United States. Her experience abroad within various contexts has offered her the unique ability to assume many different roles within the art world. She is particularly interested in architecture and the relationship of human bodies to cities, working primarily through paint and video performance mediums.